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Lypossage is a nonsurgical/non-invasive massage technique that can firm-up superficial skin tissue by reducing cellulite, wrinkles, loose, or puffy/swollen skin areas.  This is done by skillfully and repetitiously applying manual strokes and or kneading to specific/problematic areas on the body.  The Lypossage technique physically breaks down fat and toxin-filled cells, which initializes the healing and regeneration of healthy/firm skin/tissue, all while stimulating the body's lymphatic drainage system, which, in turn, aids in the elimination of the toxins and other unhealthy substances that contribute to our bodies developing unhealthy/unwanted fat and cellulite.  Clients typically schedule three 30-45 minute sessions per week. Reduced rates apply to series purchases.  (This product can comes in a series of 6, 9, 12, 16, or 18 sessions)

1 Hour Lypossage Body Contouring Massage

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